Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age of the pupils?

The school accepts children from age 2 to 18 years.

Who do I contact for entrance to Brookes Saint Petersburg?

Please direct all your enquiries to our team at –

How much are the academic fees?

Our admissions department are on hand to provide these to you by return. Please send an email to the admissions address above.

Is there an entrance assessment?

There is an entrance assessment in English, Maths and NVR for all pupils aged 7+ these are conducted at the time of registration.

Where are the other Brookes Schools?

We have schools across the globe: Canada, USA, South Korea, India and the UK. There are plans to develop further schools in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Are the teachers at Brookes Saint Petersburg qualified?

All the teaching staff at Brookes Saint Petersburg will be fully qualified teachers. Most will be expatriates and all will be thoroughly checked and vetted for the suitability to teach and care for children.

Are Russian students attending Brookes Saint Petersburg (or international schools in general) required to take the Russian unified state examinations (ЕГЭ) in order to enter Russian state universities?

No. Brookes Saint Petersburg students, who do not take the Russian unified state examinations, apply as fee-paying (or “contract-based”) students. They have to pass the respective universities’ internal entrance tests.

Are graduates from Brookes Saint Petersburg at a disadvantage compared to students from Russian state schools?

The main difference is that students who passed the Russian unified state examinations once accepted by a state university immediately qualify for state (or “budget”) funding.

The Moscow-based Russian State Humanitarian University, for example, makes it clear that Russian students coming from international schools like Brookes Saint Petersburg can apply for state funding. The final decision is however up to the competent authorities.

Has Brookes Saint Petersburg established relationships with Russian state universities?

We have started to develop links with a number of universities and have contact details to liaise with, in order to find answers to questions from Brookes Saint Petersburg’s families.

Will there be someone at Brookes Saint Petersburg in charge of university applications?

Yes. There will be a staff member in charge of university counseling. Our students will receive individualised support for the choice of their fields of studies and universities, as well as for the preparation of application packages, interviews and other aspects of the university application process.