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Our newest international school, Brookes Saint Petersburg introduces fully equipped spacious classrooms, music studio, science labs & specialist teaching environments, which optimize learning with integrated technology.

My children, Margarita and Emile, had a unique opportunity to attend Brookes Moscow from the first day of opening.  Our family felt it was an exciting and honorable chance for our children to be part of an evolving international educational group and to study at the superb  premises of the new school. 
Brookes Moscow, apart from the standard IB curriculum, offers a wide array of clubs, activities and sports. Drama is another gem among subjects, excellently taught at Brookes. It helps the children to naturally deploy their knowledge of language, literature, social sciences as well as to build up confidence and personality.
During  this year, my children have considerably improved their knowledge in the core subjects, became better at sports, music, drama, arts. They learned the basics of Chinese language and are keen to continue their studies. In general, they became more open-minded and conscientious. I was happy to watch them growing and developing in a safe, inspiring and superb environment.
In my opinion, Brookes Moscow stands out for its ability to organize educational process as well as the relevant activities on a very decent level. It often meets and exceeds parental expectations. This relates to a number of events organized by the school: from concerts, fairs to theatre performances, from sports events to residential trips.
This undoubtedly successful year would have been impossible without a meticulously chosen staff of teachers, assistants and administrative personnel. Together, they form a very special culture that feels so right for the children. They are the driving force of Brookes Moscow for the years to come, indeed.
Tamara, mother of Margarita and Emile
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